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  • Using Payslips in QuickBooks Payroll

    by on September 23, 2016 Views: 317

    As users of QuickBooks payroll app, are you searching for how to generate and use payslips? We have you covered. Here’s a list of three important things about payslips for your employees.

    Downloading payslips
    Here’s a compact article on how you, as a p…

  • Featuring HireRabbit

    by on May 7, 2015 Views: 885

    Social Media has become THE channel through which we communicate on a wide range of activities so it is the next logical step that companies should look to the channels of social media for hiring. HireRabbit takes this leap and allows companies to build a soci…

  • Steps to take when an Employee quits

    by on October 21, 2014 Views: 811

    All companies, no matter the size or environment will experience employee turnover, sooner or later. As the business owner you will need to take the news of an employee’s resignation with grace, discover how it will affect your business operations and adjust…