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  • Is Your Linkedin Profile Letting You down When You’re Hiring?

    by on November 30, 2016 Views: 16

    LinkedIn is all about getting the right business connections and developing engaging relationships to hire new talent. It’s a great tool to hire employees, enhance your business presence and create a professional online environment. In this post, we will tak…


  • The Next Generation of HR is here with EdGE Networks

    by on November 28, 2016 Views: 126

    Founder and chief executive officer at EdGE Networks, Arjun Pratap always wanted to follow an entrepreneurial path with the focus on the issue of helping the youth in developing skills. During his first venture, at a digital learning platform, he realised the …


  • Demonetisation Announced by the Government. Are You Aware of the Impacts?

    by on November 25, 2016 Views: 67

    The government introduced the demonetisation law, demonetizing all Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes, on an attempt to ban fake currency and garner better control on black money operations and holdings.
    Here are the salient features of what the government announced …


  • Hiring Interns : Here’s Everything You Need to Know

    by on November 25, 2016 Views: 46

    Interns- just the word conjures up an image of young adults running helter-skelter grabbing coffees and taking lunch orders. It’s what we’ve seen in the movies but real life can present a different picture – one of interns sitting diligently at their works…


  • A Guide to GST Registration

    by on November 23, 2016 Views: 93

    The date of April 1, 2017 draws closer and businesses are eager to understand and follow the new regulations set up by the GST Council.  But where do businesses get started? In this post, we will share a guide to GST Registration with essential information th…